Should You Get An iPad Now ?

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According to an article in the Seattle Times, Apple iPad is not really worth its hype. The iPad is basically just an extra-large iPod Touch.

Apparently software and media companies are especially excited about the iPad's debut as they are hoping to sell millions of apps and subscriptions at higher prices than they could for the iPhone.

The newspaper advises against impulse purchase of the iPad because it expects the price to eventually fall. As the price of the iPad settles so will its apps market.

If you wait a little, Apple's competitors will release similar devices that may have better features at competitive prices. Also, wait and see if the iPad will be a really useful device that will replace current PCs and laptops.

Anyway, Apple says its delaying the international release of the iPad by a month because of high demand. Yes, the iPad was supposed to be available in Malaysia sometime late March, but now, Malaysians will have to wait until the end of May. I think its just a marketing gimmick by Apple to get people all hyped up about the iPad.

So, don't be impatient. Getting an iPad is not the most important thing in the world. The iPad can wait because tablet computers it will eventually get better and cheaper...

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kenwooi said...

not worth buying.. many buy coz of the hype only.. =)

Thomas said...

I'll wait. Yes, all prices will drop and better models will emerge.

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