Malaysian Men Buying Lingerie Online

The pic is for illustration only

The above picture shows a man trying on a bra he bought online. According to a report in the Star, more Malaysian men are purchasing exotic and sexy ladies undergarments online.

Apparently men prefer to purchase such items online because they are embarrassed to buy such clothing for their wives or girlfriends in normal shops.

The report says that some of the purchasers are even from places like Felda settlements, because they have no easy access to regular shops selling such clothing.

An online lingerie shop owner says another reason people buy online is because of the variety of merchandise - there are many designs to choose from, such as satin slips, corsets, two-piece sets and even those that come with whips. Some of these designs are not readily available in Malaysian shops, especially the more exotic ones.

Lingerie corsets are apparently one of the hottest-selling lingerie and customers are demanding for more corset designs, such as those with lace and leather.

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Henry F said... ghey...really la. why have malaysian men become like this ? bapok.

Tan said...

hahaha. this is hilarious. what so embarrassing about buying these things from the shop. Want to play but shy...What la !

Sharon said...

whats wrong with this malaysian men these days ? metrosexual bullshit

Anonymous said...

there's nothing wrong with malaysian guys. its just that now we have opportunity to but nice suits for our loved ones with liberty to choose on our own. not mad guys, ok

thomas said...

What's wrong with him ? he is gay !

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