New Zealander Buys 2 Ghosts For RM6,644.25 Online

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A male New Zealander from Christchurch bought 2 captured ghosts stored in glass vials from TradeMe, a New Zealand auction website, for $NZ2,830 (RM6,644.25) on Monday night.

Christchurch woman, Avie Woodbury, an exorcist, who listed the ghosts for sale said they had been captured from her house.

The seller said one one the spirits is an old man named Les Graham, who lived in her house during the 1920s, and the other is a powerful and disruptive little girl, which was captured during a ouija board session. The ghosts have allegedly been kept inactive by putting them in holy water which dulls the ghosts' energy.

Apparently all proceeds from the auction will be donated to the SPCA.

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daniel loh said...

this is a con job. anyone can claim there are ghosts in those bottles but no one can prove it.

Silas said...

Actually, dealing with the Occult is like anything else in life - fine if done with the correct safety precautions and protection, and common sense.

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