Online Boyfriend Being Naughty

According to the Star, a 32 year old consultant is now worried that her nude photos taken by her online boyfriend will be posted online.

The consultant got to know the man called, William Bobby Madoff, through Yahoo messenger for almost a year.

Although she has never met this man who is from a foreign country, she had fallen deeply in love with him.

Taking advantage of the situation, William Bobby Madoff persuaded her to pose naked via webcam.

After breaking up with the man, he now threatens to leak the photos on the web.

This is not the only thing about this William Bobby Madoff. In April last year, William told the consultant to expect a package containing valuables such as a mobile phone, a laptop and some jewellery.

Then a week later, someone claiming to be from the billing department called and asked her to pay RM3,880 for delivery of the package.

When she contacted her boyfriend to clarify about this he said he had paid the charges in his country and was unaware of other charges to pay in Malaysia. However, he urged her to pay for the charges.

She has since reported all this to the police.

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Hang Tuah said...

Malaysian women are becoming more and more desperate ... blacks and mat sallehs also cheating them.

Fatty Pau said...

Yea..I know of one who could be a potential "danger". He is sneaky and everything is a secret. He said he is a spy..kononnya..

Carol said...

I also know of someone from Australia. He also sent gifts and asked me to pay for the "service fees"

Julia said...

a few years ago I met this man from Canada online. He told me that he was single and was practising as a doctor at a hospital in Canada. We communicated online for a few months. Then he came to visit me in Kuala Lumpur. When I discovered that he had so many passports, I became suspicious. It turned out that he was a con man wanted by the US authorities and he also had 3 previous marriages. I just cut all ties with him after that.

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