Caning Therapy

News reports recently mentioned a Malaysian man based in Singapore reaping good profits from his “caning therapy” business. 72-year-old Wu Cheng Guang charges S$20 (approximately RM46) for each caning session.

Apparently caning relieves the customers' aches and sore muscles.

Wu Cheng Guang, who also has caning centres in Thailand and Penang, began treating people in Singapore near a friend’s flat at Jurong West in November last year. He is now treating from 50 to 70 people each day and business has been steadily increasing.

Wu Cheng Guang said he learnt his method from a lama in Xichang when he was 50 years ago.

He said that the cane marks on the customers is a positive sign showing that the “dangerous energy” clogging their blood system has been eliminated.

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Fatty Pau said...

This is easy. I could do this as my weekend job for extra money! *smack smack*

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