Old Women Cheated Of RM256,565

A 61 year old woman from Cheras was cheated of RM256,565 in money and valuables by 3 women.

The victim, Lee Yoke Chan, went to the morning market in Cheras last week when the women approached her.

In the pretext of asking for directions to a temple, they told Lee Yoke Chan that she would die in 3 days unless she goes through a cleansing ritual by a sifu at the temple as she had been followed by the ghost of a pregnant woman who had died in an accident.

The women persuaded her to hand over all her money and jewellery, which they said was essential for the cleansing ritual, but assured her that these will be returned to her after the ritual.

When Lee Yoke Chan agreed to their suggestion, the women followed her to the bank to withdraw RM186,565 and then followed her home to obtain the RM70,000 worth of jewellery.

Once the money and valuables were obtained, they returned to the market to meet other women. Upon some discussions, the women said the cleansing ritual could not be performed that day because the sifu wasn't at the temple. However, they assured Lee Yoke Chan that the sifu had already blessed the bag containing the money and jewellery, and everything was alright.

Then, without Lee Yoke Chan noticing, the women apparently the swapped the bag containing the money and jewellery with another bag filled a few oranges, packets of instant noodles, bread, a bottle of water and bottles of salt.

The women then returned the "bag" to Lee Yoke Chan and told her not to open it until the next day to avoid bad luck. She made a police report upon discovering the scam the next day.

Source: The Star

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hht said...

Malaysians are a superstitious bunch you get this kind of story almost every other day. Like this story http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2010/1/26/nation/5547024&sec=nation

yeo said...

so many people getting cheated by this kinda of scams

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