Cleansing Ritual By Family For Family Caused Death

The local newspapers are filled of stories pertaining to the deadly cleansing ritual that cause the death of 2 family members.

2 of 3 family members charged with the death of a couple during a exorcism ritual on 1st Oct last year, were sentenced by the HIgh Court to 10 years jail while the other was ordered to undergo treatment at Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan.

Muhammad Ilyas, Muhammad Fauzi and Muhammad Nizam were jointly charged with causing the deaths of Mohd Ibrahim Kader Mydin, 48, and Rosina S.M. Mydin Pillay, 42, (Muhammad Nizam’s parents and Muhammad Ilyas's uncle and aunt) at 57C Blok A, Flat Seri Sarawak, Jalan Kenanga, in 2008.

The 3 apparently practised the teachings of Abuya Ashaari, whom they believe have the ability to raise the dead. Abuya Ashaari used to head outlawed religious sect Al-Arqam (which is now called Rufaqa).

In the current case, 7 family members were allegedly beaten up in a ''cleansing ritual''.

During the trial, Muhammad Ilyas told court that he had hit his uncle and aunt to death with a motorcycle helmet and piece of wood to cleanse them of the jin (evil spirits) in them.

Muhammad Ilyas told the court that he had no intention of killing the couple. He hit them because could see that there were many evil spirits in his house and in the bodies of all his family members which he had to chase away to prevent the jin harming the family.

Muhammad Ilyas also said after the house had been cleaned of the blood spots, he ordered Muhammad Fauzi to pour hot water over his aunt's an uncle's body in attempt to revive them.

Sofiah Mohd Ibrahim, 22, and her aunt Sairah Banu Sultan, 45, who witnessed the event told the court that they allowed themselves to be hit, slapped and kicked because they were hypnotised and were not fully conscious of what was happening.

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greg said...

In this day and age there are still people who believe in these things.

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