Human Bones Used To Make Spiritual Swords

Kuo Chang-hsi the 65-year-old swordmaker from Taiwan uses human bones to make swords.

Kuo Chang-hsi, the swordmaker for the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, uses the ancient Chinese technique of adding human bones to the fire in which he forges the swords.

According to the Kuo, this technique fills the swords with "spirit". Apparently in ancient China, a good sword was made by burning a whole man in the furnace, instead of just his bones.

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From what the swordmaker said, I can assume that if you use the bones of a cowardly man, your sword wont be filled with a brave and powerful spirit as compared to using the bones of a courageous warrior.

Although the swordmaker didn't say anything about using the bones of animals to make swords, I would imagine that the same principle applies. For instance, if you use the bones of a tiger, it should make the sword ferocious as it will be instilled with the spirit of the tiger. Is this the reason why some Asian men eat tiger meat ? - to instill the tiger's spirit in them (i.e. their little "swords" in their trousers) ?

So if a man likes eating bak kut teh, then you'll know the quality of his "sword".

Sadly the swordsman didn't mention anything about how to improve the quality of your manly sword by what to eat.

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