Miss Indonesia A Cult Member

23-year-old Miss Indonesia 2009 Kerenina Sunny Halim has admitted that she is a member of a sex cult known as, The Family International.

As Kerenina Sunny Halim's Indonesian father and American mother were also members of the The Family International, she was presumably born into the organisation.

The Family International (previously called The Children of God) started in 1968 in Huntington Beach, California. As a result of numerous controversies its name was eventually changed to The Family International in 2004.

In the 70s, The Children of God (as the organisation was then called) began using sex to evangelise its beliefs to win converts. Sex was also used by the cult as a way of raising money and many of the female members became prostitutes.

The Children of God was founded by David Brandt Berg (1919–1994), who referred to himself as "Moses David". He communicated with his followers via "Mo Letters" until his death. After his death, he was succeeded by his widow Karen Zerby.

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