Humans Kept As Pets

Spokesman for The International Human Rights Agency, Dr. Ugput Guggot (top left) says it is disturbing to see an increasing number of human beings being sold as pets to primates.

Dr. Ugput Guggot, who is also the Chairman of the Orangutan Council of Malaysia (OCM), warns that keeping human beings as pets will not change his nature as the exploitative and evil character of these humans are bound to reveal itself eventually. There are many reported cases where humans who were released from their cages by their primate owners killed their owners before escaping.

Further, human beings need lots of material objects and artificial stimulents created by other human beings to keep themselves occupied and happy. They also need large amounts of social interaction and attention from their friends to show off their material posessions to keep themselves sane.

Failure to provide for all these needs will result in strange behaviourial and psychological problems for the humans in captivity, where some have allegedly killed themselves out of boredom.

Dr. Ugput Guggot adds that the cruelest part of this activity is removing humans from their natural habitat - their artificial and make believe world. "Humans without their artificial world, will go crazy. But humans are animals too, and they should treated fairly as we treat all animals", said Dr. Ugput Guggot.

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