Noor Azura Mohd Yusoff Appeals

Noor Azura Mohd Yusoff, the Malaysian prostitute based in Birmingham, England who was sentenced to 15 years in prison in August last year for killing a Chinese karaoke hostess Evelyn Xie Xing Xing, is in the news again.

The 23 year old Noor Azura, now held at the Holloway women’s prison in London, is currently awaiting decision of her appeal at Royal Court of Justice in the UK.

If her appeal is allowed by the court, her earlier conviction will be quashed and the prosecution could ask for a re-trial, the Malay Mail reported.

Noor Azura’s boyfriend, 28 year old Trach Lon Gian, a Vietnamese, who was also convicted for the same crime is currently serving 22 years at Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire . Trach Lon Gian, has also appealed against his convictions and sentence.

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