Samundari Khazana - The World's Most Expensive Curry

On Monday, exclusive Indian restaurant Bombay Brasserie in South Kensington, London unveiled the "world's most expensive curry", costing £2,000 (approximately RM11,500) a portion.

The curry, called the Samundari Khazana (which means treasure from the seas), is made from lots of expensive ingredients including abalone, white truffle, quails eggs, saffron, caviar and edible gold.

I would imagine that someone like Slumdog Millionaire will love the Samundari Khazana.

Well, I don't know if anyone in Malaysia will spend RM11,500 for a portion Indian curry. If you bring a client or a date, you'd have to order 2 portions - ouch ! RM23,000.

As for me, Im heading stright to my local mamak restaurant tomorrow for the normal RM12 nasi biryani that comes with a plate of mutton curry and a tall glass of teh O ice limau. The most expensive Indian curry I paid for was slighly less than RM50 a portion - mutton bone curry; delicious.

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