The Oldest Profession In The World, In Malaysia

According to a news report, the sex industry in Malaysia was more than RM3 billion last year. Apparently, there are about 150,000 prostitutes in the country with about 10,000 in the Klang Valley.
The oldest profession in the world, prostitution, is extremely lucrative. A prostitute who works 7 days a week charging RM150 per hour servicing 8 client per day earns RM1,200 per day which amounts to RM36,000 per month, says woman's NGO, Tenaganita.

The NGO revealed that syndicates running brothels usually have up to 100 girls each and Malaysia has hundreds of such syndicates, with each operating several brothels in their designated areas.

Many brothels in Malaysia operate as "health centres" or "massage centres"offering massage services. Clients are willing to pay from RM60 to RM100 for an hour of massage and an additional RM150 for sex.

So, in addition to the RM36,000 monthly from sex alone, a prostitute working in a health centre can earn another RM9,000 for offering "partial services" - foreplay.

Depending to the arrangement with the health centres, freelance prostitutes have to pay RM3,000 per month to the health centre as "rent" for using the centres to do business and for protection them from aggressive customers. Others are full time employees and are paid, on average, RM200 a day for massaging up to 10 customers. These full timers have some kind of profit sharing arrangement with the centres pertaining to the sex services offered to the clients.

The Internet has definitely increased the opportunities for the industry to advertise its services through websites by enticing clients with a menu of sexual services, girls available and the prices.

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