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What Is Money

For some, these videos and articles may change how you view life, the way you assess yourself and evaluate others.

Money is not real. It only exist in a system artificially created by human beings and has been manipulated by the elites to exploit others.

Watch this animated video explaining the origins of money.

This is an interesting 47 minute video by Paul Grignon which explains how money is artificially created.

The Credit Crisis And World Recession

This is is also an interesting 2 part video explaining how the credit crisis started and how it affects us.

Part 1

Part 2

As seen in the video, this is a primer of the financial crisis by the New York Times.

If you're interested to learn more, you can read the following articles:

Credit Crisis Timeline - From Foreclosures To Bank Failures

Credit Crisis — The Essentials

It looks like the best solution now is to begin looking for alternative ways of living less dependent on the money system. ie. grow your food and spend less on non essential stuff. :) We are lucky, in Malaysia, we have the option of living off the land if necessary. Singaporeans, for instance, do not have this privilege.

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