Bomoh - A New Career Alternative ?

With the advent of the Internet technology, education, formerly confined only to the classroom finds its way online. Internet based courses offers a more convenient and cheaper alternative to traditional methods of education.

Demand for online education has seen a huge increase over the years in line with internet accessibility and affordable computer technology. People all over the world are pursuing many different kinds of courses online. There has never been a time in history where one can study practically anything from the comfort of one's home.

Apart from the normal technical and academic courses like information technology, cooking, graphic design, sociology, philosophy and law, there are also online courses for those interested in fortune telling, feng shui, astrology and similar genres.

How about studying to become a Bomoh ? If Malaysians were willing to pay thousands of Ringgit for the past few years to learn feng shui, I wont be surprised if Malaysians enroll in Bomoh courses as well. Further, in the current economic downturn, the demand for Bomohs and other spiritualists will be highly sought after, thus, you can be your own boss by starting your very own Bomoh business.

The other benefits of being a Bomoh is that, if you're still employed, you can jampi (cast a spell) on your boss to give you a raise. For those retranced, you know what to do to your ex boss, right ? And those in love can jampi your loved one to ...[fill in the blanks]. Now you see the major benefits of becoming a Bomoh.

Thanks to the Internet, those interested can now study this online. According to a report by a local tabloid, there is a local website offering "kursus Bomoh" (Bomoh study course) via distance learning online. Through the website, aspiring Bomohs can now study the mystic arts at only RM30 per module.

It is believed that certificates will be issued to successful graduates presumably so they can further their studies at similar institutions of higher learning whether locally or abroad.

Rumours has it that the website in negotiating a "twinning program" arrangement with the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry,

For the uninitiated, Hogwarts is one of the top school of magick in the UK. It has produced some of the most distinguished wizards in the world, including its most famous graduate, Harry Potter.

The website also offers 10 full scholarships to Malaysians (of any race). So Malaysians, don't miss out on this magical opportunity, apply today.

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