Brand New Laptops For Only RM1,000 Each

In 3 months time you will be able to buy Malaysian made computers - RM1,000 for a laptop and RM500 for a desktop.

Mimos developed the computers named after Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi (i-Dola laptop) and Jean Abdullah (Jean-i desktop).

The computers are wireless, Internet-based designs. To reduce costs, they do not have hard discs. You use a thumb drive instead.

The i-Dola and Jean-i will be using Intel Pentium 4 processors.

Source: The Star

Because of the price, looks like everyone is going to get the "Badawi computer".

Where else can you buy a new laptop for RM1,000 with Pentium 4 processor ?

Whilst the quality of the government endorsed "made in Malaysia" computer is uncertain, I'm sure it can't be that bad, as all computers now days use almost the same components. It is therefore more accurate to say that these computers are "assembled" in Malaysia by Mimos.

This news is definitely a dilemma for those who plan to buy a new computer at PIKOM's PC Fair which starts today. Should they buy a new computer now or wait 3 months to buy a super cheap Malaysian made computer ?

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