Please Suck Me, My Back Is Aching

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that is popular in Malaysia. It stimulates acupuncture points (meridian points) by applying metal, bamboo, wood, plastic, rubber or glass cups to suck your skin producing blood congestion and thus stimulating that area. Cupping therapy is commonly used for lower backaches, sprains, soft tissue injuries, and bronchitis.

Cupping is practiced not only in China but also in many other countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and even in the Middle East using similar techniques but are called different names. There are different cups for different sucks.

Usually a "traditional or alternative medicine practitioner" will checking the patient's pulse rate and tongue, first. Then, the patient is asked to lie down on a bed or a flat surface. Cups are applied to his skin and a vacuum is created by sucking out the air from the cup by means of suction or by heat.

The cups are left on the skin for about 10-20 minutes.

Cupping is based by on stimulating and energising meridian points at the back of your body. When the meridians are opened, energy is believed to flow all parts of the body.

Does it work ? I donno. I've tried it once and it felt OK. I would have felt better if I had a massage instead.

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