Bogel Gambar

Picture by Gabisa Motonia

The popular search term on Google for "Nude Pictures" literally translated to Bahasa Malayu is Bogel Gambar not the correct translated Bahasa Malayu term Gambar Bogel. Bogel = Nude , and Gambar = Pictures. Anyway, there are approximately 80,000 searches on Goggle for the term Bogel Gambar just as I am typing this - that's a lot of searches for Bogel Gambar. The strange thing is that the correct Bahasa Melayu term Gambar Bogel has only about 1,000 searches.

I wonder who will be interested in searching for the term Bogel Gambar ? ;)

By the way, the above is a picture of a Bonsai tree which looks like a Bogel Gambar.

Ok. Please make you comments.



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