Money, Money, Money !

The Star reported that RM1.2 million cash was found in a Subang gym locker. That was how much money a supervisor of the gym found in a bag in one of the lockers when the gym closed for the day at around midnight. He then contacted his manager, who in turn contacted the police. RM1.2 million is not a few lose change, mind you. Who would bring RM1.2 cash to a gym and then "forget" to bring it back home ?

Initially the police linked this money to the KL International Airport heist on April 9, where two moneychangers were robbed of RM3.5mil. However, the KLIA heist was in Singapore dollars, whereas the RM1.2 found in the gym in Subang was in Malaysian Ringgit.

If the gym supervisor and manager were this honest, they sould be elected to public office.

What would you do if you found RM1.2 million in cash ?

a) surrender everything to the police

b) take some money and surrender the balance to the police

c) take all the money and hide it somewhere

d) take all the money and take the first flight out of the country

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