Pondan Uses Black Magic To Steal Money

Harian Metro ran an article about a "pondan" (Transvestite) who claims to be working as a famous makeup artist for TV dramas is believed to be using black magic to steal money through empty envelopes by using black magic on "her" victims.

According to the article, the pondan does this by initially approaching a victim under the pretext of wanting to change money, she then simply offers an envelope to the victim who is persuaded to insert money into it. Upon the money being inserted into the envelope, the pondan tells the victim that the money she intends to change is at another place and will persuade the victim to permit her a few minutes to get it. She then leaves the envelope purportedly containing the money with the victim.

The victim realises that he has been duped when the pondan doesn't return and the envelope he is holding, purportedly containing his own money, contains instead 6 4D tickets and a letter from the pondan apologising to the victim for using black magic to steal his money.

One such case repoted to the police is where the pondon enters a shop selling ladies accessories, approaches a salesgirl and makes small talk about her work as a makeup artist. The pondon then leaves the shop without purchasing anything.

A few minutes later the pondon comes back to the shop and tells the salesgirl that she (the pondon) has 20 pieces of RM10 notes and she need to change it for larger notes because she intends to attend a wedding and has to give an "ang pow" to the married couple - inserting 20 pieces of RM10 in the envelope (as 'ang pow') will not be appropriate.

She then asks the salesgirl if she (the salesgirl) is willing to change the 20 pieces of RM10 with 4 pieces of RM50 notes. The salesgirl obliges and inserts 4 pieces of RM50 notes into an envelope, seals it and writes the name of the couple (to be married)on the envelope, as dictated by the pondan.

The pondan then says that she has left the 20 pieces of RM10 (which she intends to change) in her car and says that she would be back. Meanwhile, the salesgirl claims that she was still holding the envelope purportedly containing the 4 pieces of her own RM50 notes.

When the pondan didnt return for the envelope, the salesgirl opened the envelope and was shocked that it instead contained 6 4D tickets and a letter from the pondan apologising for using black magic to steal her (salesgirl's) money as she (the pondon) needs the money urgently to save her friend's life - apparently the pondan's friend was undergoing an operation at the Institute Jantung Negara at the time.

The salesgirl says that she would not believe how this could happen as two other salesgirls stood as witness when she inserted the 4 pieces of RM50 into the enveloped, sealed it and wrote the name of the couple on it - she was holding the envelope, not the pondan.


What do you think, guys ? black magic or David Blaine type magic or simply a version of an African scam - envelope swap ? Please post your comments.


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