Illegal Bookies Taking Bets On Election

Like its politicians, Malaysians in general are indeed superstitious and take action to capitalise on this.

According to a report by the Bangkok Post, the general election has attracted a new subject to wager upon.

The number 8 considered auspicious by many Asians has also aroused hopes amongst politicians who think that he number will help them win the elections.

Some Malaysians expecially the Chinese in Penang took more than a theoretical interest in the significance of the number 8 and the general election. They have earlier placed bets with illegal bookies on March 8 being the polling date and have won the bet when the Election Commission announced the date last Thursday.

According to Rev Yong, a feng shui consultant the Chinese in Penang will bet on anything pertaining to these elections - on numbers, dates, winning candidates.

The news report adds that an illegal bookie in Penang had to pay out more than RM10,000 to customers who won the bet.

Some punters of four-digit tickets were banking on the number 6308, which they regarded as the numerical equivalent of Saturday, March 8.


Anyone wants to bet who will win the election ?


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