Kota Alam Shah - Hindraf Vs BN

Kota Alam Shah (N48)

Hindraft Vs BN

This seat which is under the Klang parliament constituency is currently held by Gerakan’s Ch’ng Su Chen who beat Wiliam Thye Kim Kiong from DAP with a 2,743 majority in the last general election.

Whilst there was talk earlier this month that the PPP will be given this seat to contest, Gerakan has however refused to give it up or swap it with another.

So its been settled, incumbent Ch’ng Su Chen will defend his seat against Hindraf leader and current Internal Security Act detainee M. Manoharan who is representing the DAP.

M. Manoharan nomination has, however, caused problems for the DAP. Peter Tan, who has earlier been tipped to contest the seat for the DAP, announced his resignation from the party claming that he has been stabbed in the back as he has worked hard in the constituency and has raised RM75,000 for his campaign but was dropped at the last minute.

The candidates for this seat is not important. This seat is important to watch as it is a test case to see how much real support Hindraf has amongst the Indians and how much the votes can swing to the opposition.

Prediction - Gerakan to retain this seat with a very slim majority.

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