Batu Caves - Malay And Indian Votes Split

Batu Caves (N16)

Opposition Vs. BN

This is a state seat with a malay majority depite the Hindu festival Thaipusam being held here. This constituency is currently facing plenty of problems. MIC local leaders were dissaponited that Samy Vellu fielded T. Mohan, a businessman from Puchong, instead of their choice, G. Jayakumar who is a local.

Further, according to a report by the NST, Dr Khir Toyo, the Selangor Menteri Besar admitted that this seat is vulnerable as the Malay voters were unhappy with the Batu Caves temple management. Even T. Mohan told the NST that Batu Caves is a ‘black’ area and while 45% of the constituents support the Barisan Nasional, 55% support the opposition.

T.Mohan will be competing with Keadilan's Amirudin Shari for the batu caves seat.

The Indian votes will be split - Hindraf supporters and dissapointed local MIC members will support the opposition, Keadilan. Half the Malay votes is also expected to swing towards Keadilan's Malay candidate.

Prediction - Keadilan to win.

What say you ? MIC or Keadilan ? Post your comments - let us hear you.


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