Learn How To F*ck For RM1,600

Hello all, Im back (after a few weeks away). As a treat, I'm posting about one of Malaysians evergreen favorite topic - sex. I can imagine you guys (and gals) smiling already....LOL
Last Saturday, the Star reported (originally from China Press) that in Singapore, a sex guru calling himself Dr Love is sought by newly married couples to teach them how to obtain satisfaction in sex.

Now, this is not sex education, it is sex training !

Apparently Dr Love shows the clueless couple various sexual intercouse techniques and explains the techniques to them. Couple also have sex in front of Dr. Love for him to "correct their mistakes". Hahahaha. Dr. Love charges S$700 (RM1,600) as consultation fee.

Please note that it is not reported if Dr. Love actually participates in the sexual act. Or if he charges more should there be a request for him to participate in it. The report also doesn't say if Dr. Love massages the guy's "choon toi" (testicles) if he cannot get a firm erection. LOL.

Wow !!! what a way to earn a living. I think Dr. Love is a brilliant guy.

Ah Chong who sells DVDs at the pasar malam near my house can also recommend couples "instructional sex videos" for RM10 each. He will also willingly participate and give you the videos for free. No need to pay RM1,600 for Dr. Love to watch you have sex lah...stupid Singaporeans. Even my dog can teach you how to have sex, for goodness sake !

I am so damn puzzled with Singaporeans, at least Malaysians know (a little bit) about making cars (Kereta Proton) - Singaporeans don't know even how to make love.

Read the full story in the Star here.

Ok, you know what to do now....post your comment :)


zewt said...

the things singaporeans do... but then again, i am sure they are laughing at us at many other things too... both ways ler.

nottibully said...

so expensive !!!

I can teach you for RM200 inclusive of hotel charges. hahaha

If ugly girl have to pay extra

Kavilan said...

aiseh man... stupid singaporeans... Sex also must need teacher ah?
mayb the dr.love actually teaches them all those "mysteries" of sex... like how to hit the G-Spot....
but i wonder why they wanna spend so much money... there are LOTS of free stuff in the internet.....

hotrod said...

malaysian are world class in make love
humsup kings !!

Anonymous said...

i want to immigrate to singapore alredy lah
rm1,600 i can give rm600 discount some more.
charge rm1000 a person and f&uk 1000X im a millionaire already.
my slogan "if your husband cannot do it, i can"

3POINT8 said...

WoW! This Dr.Love is a very good businessman!! Respect respect!!! This kind of idea also can make it in s'pore

chengsun said...

i read the news also....... i shld have chosen medicine last time!

The Malaysian Life said...

zewt - yes there are funny things happening on both sides of the causeway

nottibully - yes I bet you can teach a course on this for a cheaper price, so can I ;)

Kavilan - you mean Dr. Love does give some kind of added value that you cant learn from a RM10 DVD ? lol

hotrod - I hope that thats not the only thing we are world class in.

Anonymous - I like your slogan ;)

3POINT8 - Dr. Love is very crafty. He knows how to make money from clueless Singaporeans.

chengsun - I don't think Dr. Love is a medical doctor. He just uses the title Dr. So if you want to be a "sex coach", it is not too late. LOL

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