Fear The Bomoh Or The Ghosts ?

In conjunction with Halloween tomorrow, I've decided to post something related to the occasion.

Why you must be very careful in dealing with spiritualist ?

Because of the dubious nature of their practice, spiritualist have always had a shady reputation, these are a few of many examples:

In October, last month, it was reported in The Star that a woman bomoh at Jalan Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kota Baru was dancing in the nude with young men as part of her “treatment for patients”.

The Star also published a story last month about a bomoh, Zulkifly Mustafa, 45 who raped his daughter's friend (who was 17 at that time) by persuading her to undergo a nikah batin (spiritual marriage) with him before raping her.

The Star also had a report in 2002 about bomoh Munawar Ismail, 35 who raped a 14 year old girl.

Last month, the NST reported about a spiritual healer called Nandu (crab) Bala, 40, who runs a commune in Kampung Oren, Johor Baru where he enslaves women. Apparently the women were given baths by Bala and would be molested by him during the ritual.

The NST reported last year that Syed Abdullah Alattas, the founder of paranormal group Seekers Malaysia, is doing research to find out the habits and behaviour of ghosts, including how they have sex.

News24 reported in 2003 that the Malaysian police had arrested a local witch doctor for allegedly ordering his patient to have sex with him in order for her to be released from an evil spell. The 43-year old traditional medicine man told the patient, that she was under a spell, before bringing her to a private room for her to undress. The shaman then began molesting her as part of ‘cleansing rituals’ and ended his session by ordering her to have sex with him in order to ensure she would be safe from future spells. After the sessions, the 24-year old woman said the witch doctor showed her three small stones and some thorns which he said were removed from her private parts, and which he claimed were causing her the chest pains.

There was a story on BBC News, in November 2003, about an Indonesian dukun (a bomoh) called Gus. Gus told the BBC that he had inherited his magical powers from his grandfather. He claimed that he could cure many ailments and could also summon spirits. Gus said that he was often asked to help people who believe they are victims of black magic, known in Indonesia as Santet. He nevertheless could not explain why he was only successful in exorcising an evil spirit from a patient with the presence of a journalist, although the patient had sought treatment from him for more than a year.

There is an online news report that professional Vietnamese psychic Hoang Thi Thiem, claims she can speak with the dead. The report also says there are currently 10 psychics now prominent in Vietnam out of more than 100 spirit mediums in "the profession".

There was a report by the Boneo Post that a couple having an extramarital affair sought medical help after their bodies became “inseparable” in an intimate relationship while they were romancing at a beach in Mukah, Sarawak. Apparently the husband of the woman had earlier employed the services of a bomoh to “lock her body up with the man” when they committed adultery.

Do you guys belive in these "paranormal" stuff ? please post your comments.


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