Do you have the right to have sex with anyone ?

A judge has asked South Korea’s highest court to decide once again on whether adultery should remain a crime.

Judge Do Jin-ki said that punishment on adultery violates human rights - the right to pursue happiness and to choose one's sex partners.

"Sex is a natural human desire and it is inappropriate to restrict it by law’’, Judge Do said.

Read the full report in The Korea Times

Sex is a biological need, just like food. The law is, however, made by human beings. Why should the law, which is created by human beings, restrict a biological function, like sex, or any other biological function ?

Do these legal restrictions, on sex or other biological function, actually serve a greater social good ? To what extent should these restrictions be governed by law ? Sometimes, cultural restrictions also forbid human beings from exercising our natural biological functions. Cultural restrictions can, in some instances, be even more effective than legal restrictions.

What do you think ?


zewt said...

have to say making adultery as a crime is a bit... too much.

Anonymous said...

as long as both parties are consenting adults, why not ? sex is a natural process...

i hope my wife doesn't find out about this comment...hehehe

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

It is our private life........what we do in private is our business what has law got to do with this???Unless we don't even have that freedom in boleh land, which I don't think so. Or unless u happen to poke into someone's else 'hole' & that fellow complain u!!Or ur own partner don't like u to poke into other hole which is mostly the case. Then it is the social norm that u r wrong! But I have not problem if u poke around in secret! BTW tq for dropping at my site! Have a nice day!

Seaqueen said...

This is a tough question, cos as a girl, I'm going to have to disagree but there's no stopping people out there. So, whatever the decision is, there's bound to be people doing it.

midnightman said...

these days not only men initiate adulterous relationships, women do it too. in kl that is.
don't know if women are as aggressive in the smaller towns.

Angie Tan said...

hmmmm... sometimes i don't understand the law. but then again. i'm no lawyer. :-P

frankly, the judge who said this has probably never been cuckolded before or been in a family broken up by an adulterous relationship.

anyway, its a gray line which is always seem to be either faded to white or darkened to black. (^ ^)

AdrianC said...

when there is demand, there are available HOLES!

Yozora NiteSky said...

The Forbidden Fruit is always sweeter. Now that the subject has been brought up, lots will want to taste this fruit :D

The Malaysian Life said...

Zewt and Hor ny Ang Moh - How about just making the penalty a small fine (like drink driving),for committing adultery.

If you factor in the "kow tim" option available, then you may get off with a RM50 slap on the wrist.

Can also request to pay the penalty in advance, for future breaches of such law.

It will be just like Air Asia, cheap fares, but pay in advance.

Tagline: "Now everyone can FC@K"

Anonymous - I know you are already doing it, you rascal !.

Seaqueen - Of course laws will not stop people from doing it. It is biological. So the solution to stop it must also be biological.

midnightman - I can imagine you smiling to yourself while typing your comment. Yes, women do it too.

Angie - I refuse to comment and discuss the law with you without my lawyer. LOL

AdrianC - Wah ! words of wisdom. Got that quote from penthouse magazine, did you ? :)

Yozora NiteSky - Forbidden fruits ? what about just the juice ?

peter said...

got a lot of married man and woman online for hanky panky....these days quite normal.

The Malaysian Life said...

peter - Have you been lurking online looking for "hanky panky" as well ? LOL. Yeah, its normal these days - nothing "hanky panky" about it anymore.

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