Yum Seng ! You Idiot.

Did you know that there are 20,000 brands of beer brewed in 180 styles, from ales, lagers, pilsner and stouts to bitters, cream ales and iced beers ? Well, now you do.

Its true. 20,000 brands of beer.

According to an Egyptian text of 1600 BC there are 100 medical prescriptions using beer. So good news for you alcoholics.

You see, beer can cure you. This is the truth, not an opinion. I've not been paid by the Brewers Association to give my opinion here. If they did pay me [for my opinion] then I'd say that beer can also make you intelligent and popular.

So it is now settled that beer is good for you and have been used for 1000s of years as medicine.

Anyway, commercial beer making was established in 1200 AD in present-day Germany. In 1506, the German Purity Law is issued, specifying that beer ingredients must only be water, barley, wheat and hops. Bottling of beer started in 1605.

In good olde Malaysia we drink, or at least I do, drink whatever is cheap and gets me high. No, not samsu or todi. Its happy hours beer for me - any brand will do.

Despite the cheapskate talk, my personal favorite is
Stella Artois (pronaounced Stel-la Are-Tua). Its difficult to find and relatively expensive here in Malaysia.

I like tuak (the Sarawak rice wine) - good stuff. Made me laugh and smile a lot.

In Terengganu,
Ive also tried a type of home made whiskey called "Wiskey Cap Penyu" - Turtle Brand Whiskey - RM10 for a small bottle. I think it also has some pharmaceutical benefits such as making me me sleep for about 24 hours. 24 hours !!! it was more like some kind of general anesthetic. I was lucky to still be alive.

Talking about locally brewed alcoholic drinks, the foreigners are no better. Apparently, a few years ago, the New Castle Brewery in England brewed 1,000 bottles Tutankhamun Ale from a 3,200-year old recipe found in the sun temple of Queen Nefertiti.

Ale, can you believe that ? What a load of crap.

Mat Salleh's are really good at bullshit. But it depends on what you believe, really. For now, I believe Im gonna get a cheap happy hour beer.


Yee Cheng said...

Where can I get Stella Artois in KL ? Ive not had that since I got back from England. I think the beer in Malaysia is over priced and fucking fizzy. Malaysians like fizzy drinks even if its alcoholic drinks. Cool post.

Anonymous said...

now since the ELP started again can go for some happy hour beers. Im sure there will be a lot of promotions in KL.

shanker said...

now bangsar got a lot of promotion...hartamas also...

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