Look ! What a brilliant idea !

After pissing, you can wash your hands without the inconvenience of leaving where you were standing (I suppose the water from the tap will somehow evaporate after washing your hands, instead of wetting your clothes, shoes and the floor- Stop laughing lah you guys ! be imaginative)

This innovative design was discovered in the toilet of a petrol station in KL.

The person who "invented" this is an undiscovered genius. He should win a Nobel prize.

Suggestion: Maybe he can attach a small mirror right above the tap so you can comb your hair while pissing. Also, a small toilet paper dispenser should be installed next to the tap - to wipe your hands dry too.

We actually have lots of people like this in Malaysia but their "creativity" remain unappreciated by us.


Bengbeng said...

very alert of you to detect this :)

TheMalaysianLife said...

Sometimes, Malaysians can be creative idiots.

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