Im Nobody, But I Demand RESPECT !!!

Give us some RESPECT !!!

Respect and attention. Everyone wants it, but it is only bestowed on a few. Some are so desperate, that they will do almost anything to get it.

These people should be featured on National Geographic.

Namewee, our very own Malaysian rapper - The Malaysian Tupac Shakur.

He sang a mediocre rap song using the National Anthem and posted it on YouTube, so everyone can know who is NAMEWEE.

He's obviously a marketing wiz - "make it controversial". He would've made some money if he hosted some Google Adsense in his post.

"Kan nee nar !!' "Sam pat"

"Lan-jiao bin"

This Mat Rempit is risking his life to show everyone that he also has some kind of skill that is worthy of respect.

He also wants to be a somebody, even with his humble "kap cai".

"Tengok siapa ada telur !!!"

"Ko' siapa ?" "Puki mak ko' !"

This Ah Beng modified his Proton Satria to look like a homemade Ferrari.

Even he wants to be a somebody. He wants to be a Hong Kong "Ku Wak Chai" (Young & Dangerous - a movie about triads in Hong Kong)

"Thai pin-kor fai !....lei mo chun-toi, ah ?

"Tiew lei..., chow-hai !!!"

"Sor hai"

This is Kala Kawai, from Hawaii. He has 67 piercings and 75 % of his body is tattooed.

This guy wants to be an alien. He always wanted to be in Star Wars - the one that eventually kills Luke Skywalker.

Kala Kwai, wants respect, he wants attention. He wants your LOVE.

"What yo' lookin' at, motha' fucker !, eat my shit !"

Tom Leppard aka the Leopard Man

In a rare BBC television interview, Leppard remarked, “As far as I’m concerned, if there is a paradise on Earth, I’m in it. You’re welcome to what you’ve got. I’ll keep this.”

This guy wants to be a leopard - a human being who wants to be an animal.

"Grrreeeeahhhh !!!"

Hahaha. I have no comments about this one. Hahaha. Pathetic !

Stop bitches and bastards ! Its not meant to be funny.

Ok, I know I've left out a few others that should be included here. Maybe I will include those, if I change my mind later.

Okie, as usual, post your comments.


Anonymous said...

How much attention do you need ? These are really attention starved fuck holes !!!. They don't even respect themselves.

petewliew said...

I wont make any layman psychological analysis on these people's motivation. But, by honest observation, these people really have something really missing in their lives. The need for human connection.
Nice blog. Was recommended to view it.

Angie Tan said...

everyone is looking for respect/attention. it is inbuilt into our pscyhe/psychology.

if you want to understand why someone does something, you need to know that one of the reasons they do certain things is to get respect/attention.

Anonymous said...

that namewee guy is a stupid fuck. i heard people in his hometown dont like him. attention seeking..

sarah said...

I can’t stop laughing!!!

These people deserve what they get! What a waste of their lives.

kumartownlad said...

mr leopard man is crazy guy man...i read about him...weird

Anonymous said...

namewee guy is a fuck wit. knowing that these things are sensitive...he still go ahead and sing it.

Mischique said...

One will receive respect if only one deserves it. I like the leopard man bit. Weird but cool :)

3POINT8 said...

Hey....Aren't those stuff cool stuff?? Respect, Pride, recognition, and attention.
I mean, it just show the whole world that you are still alive.
Or am i missing something over here?

tjlee said...

you've left out another freak william hung of american idol - she bangs, she bangs ?. that guy really eats the cake man. but he got his short fame and some money.

Anonymous said...

fuking mat rempits. they are always around bangsar area in gangs of 50 -100. noisy and being a pest to other motorists. nobody gives a damn about their stunts but they insist on showing off in a upmarket areas like bangsar. takda malu. belilah motosikal besar janganlah nak tunjuk dengan kap chai.

The Malaysian Life said...

There seem to be different reactions to this post. Thanks for the comments.
I agree that these people are free to do whatever they wish with their lives, as long as they are not a nuisance to others.
The purpose of this post is merely to show how people who crave public attention, get it - sensible or not.

haorenist said...

get attention to do good things is good, but some people do it opposite. They want to be famous only...

janie said...

the rempit and the ah beng and the kutu are the strange people we will have to live with in malaysia. i suppose in other country they also have their own funny kind of people too.

lynnx01 said...

We need to study psychology to understand what is going on in the minds of these people. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, they have hell's angels and the Ku Klux Klan. Over here in Malaysia, the Mat Rempit are the most dangerous - to innocent lives and their own if something goes wrong with their stunts.

AdrianC said...

haha well said. if we have machine guns we should kill all those rempits!!

oh and the leopard man -.- swt swt
later get eaten alive then he know lol

angel said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog :) I came here a few times before, enjoyed the posts on Earning RM5k in KL ;)

Haha... I laughed at the "sampat" word. My Sampat Gang is quite fun to be with :)

Cirnelle said...

I don't think those people were looking for respect at all. Attention maybe, a chance to show their guts (literally or no) maybe. Respect, I don't think so.

Calvin's Wife said...

Hey thanks for dropping by my blog ;) Your blog has nice contents to read.

Oh and I hate rempits, i wish I could just stick out my umbrella through their wheels while they are "bremming" and may they fall with humiliation. :D

zewt said...

so... all us bloggers who dare to blog... also demand respect eh?

eh wait... we are liars and karaoke singers apparently.

Cocka Doodle said...

I also nid attention.
I want to fatt hao and lap dance for you can anot? LOL

Winn said...

huh..why canot laugh wor. i like to laugh at things not funny:P

The Malaysian Life said...

haorenist - that is a very sensible

janie - it takes all kinds doesn't it

lynnx01 - we can all make a guess by observation

Anonymous, AdrianC, Calvin's Wife - hate rempits; because they are a nuisance and dangerous to road users. I would say the same thing about the Ah Bengs illegally racing about town.

angel - Hahaha. You have a "sampat" gang ?

Cirnelle - Attention without wanting respect ? when someone wants attention he expects admiration / respect as well.

zewt - Bloggers do expect attention and admiration / respect as well, I suppose. But not many will go to the extent of being outrageous and obnoxious just to get it. Will you ?

Cocka Doodle - you wanna "fatt low" , with me ? LOL You don't know who you're messing with, mate. ;)

winn - I suppose not all things are funny to everyone.

Wow, so many views. Thanks for your comments.

peter said...

i read on a blog that namewee will release his album on September 3rd. He has apparently completed his album, in may (before the controversy). I suspect that the controversy was conveniently staged for maximum impact (pre merdeka) for the debut of his album in september. Very smart.

Anonymous said...

these people got nothing better to do with their life

Neo said...

These people are crazy, especially the Kala Kawai!... So many piercings? Can he still shit??

The Malaysian Life said...

peter - namewee had it all planned, eh ?

anonymous - attention seeking by all means necessary is a psyhological necessity, for some people.

neo - one wonders where else that Kala Kawai has piercings.

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