Britney Spears Of The Spirit World

In the NST today 25 August 2007, 19 year old Pinky Loo talks about her career as a spirit entertainer. She earns Rm150 per night although she has heard that some singers get up to RM1000.
"The stage shows were traditionally meant to entertain both the believers and the spirits. As long as there is entertainment, I doubt it would offend anyone, especially the spirits" Pinky was quoted saying

"The songs are mostly in Mandarin, although, occasionally I do sing a Britney Spears number" Pinky Said


Meet Pinky, the Britney Spears of the Spirit World.

Yeah, Im sure the ghosts can relate to the Britney song, Baby One More Time -

"My loneliness is killin' me (and I)
I must confess I still believe (still believe)
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
give me a sign,
hit me baby one more time"

Not a bad way to earn a living. I wonder if the spirits also have China made DVD players, so they can watch some porn when they are bored (for the other 11 months of the year) or go on the internet... - shit ! I hope that the spirits are not reading this.

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Comments please, you voyeurs !


Daniel said...

hahahaha. cool post. You have Pinky's number ?

Anonymous said...

aiyoh, so embarassing lah. become gro better.

Anonymous said...

lol. good one. malaysian britney spears !

tjlee said...

britney spears for spirits ? you must be joking ! but hey, its an honest living.

Anonymous said...
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Michael said...

Tomorrow night, I'll try to go snap some pictures of Ms. Hantu Britney.

Oh yeah, just like yours, my posts comments are moderated too. :D

Alvin said...

shld say gwen stefani ma, or madonna. ahha

The Malaysian Life said...

daniel - no I dont have Pinky's number. LOL

anonymous - why is it embarassing ? it is cuturally accepted.

tjlee - yes it is an honest living.

micheal - have you got the pic snapped yet ? :)

alvin - very much the same, right ?

gogogo27 said...

visiting & reading...

james hunter said...

I've always wondered why these ghosts are called hungry ghosts. Was it because of the famine in China in the late 1950s or is it that Chinese people are always hungry due to overpopulation, or greedy (as opposed to hungry). Greedy ghosts ?

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