Can God help you lose weight ?

Andy and Maggie Sorrells before and after pictures

Extremely fat husband and wife, Andy and Maggie Sorrells both having a combined weight of nearly 1,000 pounds tried countless diets but failed to keep the weight off. Their life changed when they joined The Weigh Down Workshop, a faith-based weight loss program, which teaches people to conquer their addiction to food, as well as other substances and vices, by turning to God.

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My friend has lost about 14 kgs by going on the Atkins diet - just eating meat. No carbohydrates eg. no rice, noodles, bread etc. No suger in any of your food or drink. She followed the diet strictly for 2 weeks and lost 7 kgs. Then a few months later she followed the diet again and lost another 7kgs. Its difficult for Malaysians as all our food are carbohydrate based, but if you're determined, Atkins diet does work.

Anyone has any other weight lost plans, please share.


Swee Seng said...

Atkins does work. South beach also. These are low carb diets. Cool blog...

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