Fuck You - Fcuk You - Fook Yew

In English its Fuck You

In Fashion its Fcuk You.

In Chinese its Fook Yew.

Since I've been forewarned, I wont be stepping into this shop in Kuantan nor will I be buying anything from it.

I won't wanna get fucked. Or rather, Fook-ed !

Well, Fook Yew, too !

This other shop in KL says Fook On (Fuck On, not Fuck Off).

As far as I'm concerned, "Fook On" is better than "Fook Off"


Alan Wong said...

hahaha.... good one... its so funny that a good meaning in Chinese may not be a good meaning in English.

hussien said...

no wonder they name their shops like that

bcoz they r fookin stupid people

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