Online Dating - Malaysians becoming experts

It was only a matter of time before sex among Malaysians went online. Today, there are several websites that ‘educate’ men on where to look for it besides providing information on the subject. The New Straits Times examines this rising phenomenon
The website with more than 10,000 members discusses anything related to the world’s oldest profession. Members’ posts are highly descriptive, documenting every detail of the sex act.

KUALA LUMPUR: A complete guide to prostitution and sex services in the country is flourishing online.

The innocuous opening page — showing two rice cookers, one open and the other closed — does not indicate the true contents of the website.

But once you enter it, the story takes a different turn.
One enters a world of men with only one thing on their mind: Sex.

The website, registered in the United States, contains reviews of prostitutes at massage parlours and tips on how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Its 10,000 members discuss anything related to the world’s oldest profession,

With a tagline, "You Know How To Cheong Or Not?" (Cheong is Cantonese slang for having sex with a prostitute), the website shows where some men stand on sex for sale.

The website is exhaustive. It has a list of various massage parlours and hotels according to regions in the country that provide "extra" services.

It also contains "field reports", or FR for short, where members exchange ratings of prostitutes on a scale of one to 10.

Prostitutes are rated on their physical traits as well as services rendered.

Posts on the forum are often highly descriptive, documenting every detail of a sex act.

A system of abbreviations is used to describe sexual positions and physical attributes of the prostitute (see accompanying story).

There is a "thread" (a topic in a forum) on freelancers or FLs which may send shock waves throughout the nation; most of the FLs are university students who demand up to RM250 per session.

Participants on the forum also trade phone numbers of the girls they have visited.

Sometimes, pictures of prostitutes are exchanged.

Those who maintain the forum have thought of almost everything, including information on how to keep sexually transmitted diseases at bay, besides listing drugs that could be taken if one contracts such a disease.

Another thread titled "Health, Body & Safety" discusses STDs with testimonies from victims.

The forum users, a mixture of Malays, Chinese and Indians, refer to each other as "brother" in their postings.

The postings are in good English, often discussing current issues published in local English dailies. It appears that many of those using the forums are well-educated.

They have developed a strict protocol to protect their existence, which new members will find displayed on the starting page of the site.

No numbers are traded in the open forums to avoid what they dub the "MIB", or men in blue: Police officers.

Those who violate this "sacred’ rule are sent to the "sin bin" and barred from the forum.

What is most disturbing about the website is how easily it can be accessed.

Using information gathered from the forum, a New Straits Times reporter went undercover and visited a health spa at a hotel here.

Having read a step-by-step account of a post from a member, he asked for two girls who had come highly recommended by the website.

Although the girls were not free during the visit, a receptionist confirmed that the girls worked there.

The reporter was asked if he wanted to have a "full service" for RM200.

‘Never give up’ is motto of counter girl at health spa

IT was about 2.30pm when I arrived at the hotel.

I looked for the health spa that I had read about in a website.

The website had claimed that the establishment doubled as a brothel, a claim I was on my way to verify.

Instinct told me to check the lift for directions and, sure enough, the name of the spa was indicated on a floor.

As the lift door was closing, a woman in her mid-20s entered. She paid no attention to me as I spied her from the corner of my eye.

"Could she be a ...," I thought as the elevator opened at our destination and she walked out.

Shortly after, she disappeared into the spa through a door that had the sign "staff only" printed on it.

A young woman at the counter asked me to place my belongings in a metal drawer but looked surprised when I told her that I was not there for the spa facilities.

"A massage then?" she asked with a smile.

I looked around and saw that the waiting area next to the reception counter held about 20 men despite it being 3pm on a working day.

At this juncture, the receptionist asked if I wanted a massage with "full service".

Feigning ignorance, I asked what "full service" meant and got a stare in return. After a minute, she said: "You know, full service with a young pretty girl."

Remembering two names mentioned on the website, I asked if they were in and was told that one was off while the other had a client.

"But we have a lot of other pretty girls," she said.

As I pretended to think about it and then asked if I could have a massage, she said I would be attended to by older women "and no sex". As if on cue, two older women in tight black dresses walked out from behind a hidden sliding door near the counter. But the receptionist was not giving up on me.

As she insisted that I take the "full service", I started making an exit.

But the receptionist gave me a business card in case I wanted to make "bookings" for girls.

"Call on the morning of your visit and we can check if the girl you want is available. Just mention her name and we will do the rest," she said.

"What’s your name?" I said.

"Sir, I don’t ...," she said as I waved and walked out, never to return.

Would you like an FS with your Full Course?

MALAYSIANS frequenting forums on sex have created their own acronyms along the lines of abbreviations used in short messaging service texts.

There is CKT (char koay teow) for a Chinese prostitute, nasi lemak for a Malay lady of the night and chapatti, curry or tosai for an Indian working girl.

Ang Pai, from the Hokkien word which means red badge, indicates girls who are highly in demand.

Cheong, from the Cantonese word for "checkmate", refers to sleeping with a prostitute.

Chew Keng, from the Cantonese word for checking your reflection in the mirror, is used to describe the practice of prostitutes being paraded before the customers at brothels.

Damage means the price of sex, dino (dinosaur) equals prostitutes in their late 30s and 40s, and FS/FJ refers to full service/full job (sex).

FL is used for independent or part-time prostitutes, Full Course means massage followed by sex, and GFE for a prostitute who gives a "girlfriend-like experience".

GND is Girl Next Door look and HM stands for home minister (wife or live-in girlfriend).

MP means massage parlour and ML is massage lady.

YMMV is "your mileage may vary".



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