Frog Porridge In KL

This stall in Jalan Alor is selling one of Kuala Lmpur's more unusual culinary offerings, frog porridge. The stall has apparently been around since 1993 and does a thriving business attracting local customers and visiting tourists. Should you visit this stall, you must try its famous keong chung theen kai chuk (in English it means frog porridge with ginger) served in a clay pot. Its simply incomparable.

This delicious meal of frog porridge would cost approximately RM12 per head.

Some people believe that eating frog porridge can be a great relief for flu as it will make you sweat it out.

In Chinese cuisine, bullfrogs and pig frogs are usually used. These frog meat are either bought from local suppliers or are bought from Chinese supermarkets importing the meat from frog farms in China.

This froggy delicacy hawker stall is located at 36, Jalan Alor (Next to Budget Inn Jalan Alor) and opens from 6pm till late at night.

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Edmund said...

Yum. this is the best in KL. There's another place in Cheras also very good.

Frank said...

I have not been here for a long time. Almost forgotten about this. Going there next week.

Nick Dawson said...

French porridge ? No thanks. :)

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