Valuable Special Geckos

KUALA LUMPUR: You can get almost anything you want in the Pudu market, including geckos.

Nevertheless, they are in fact not ordinary geckos but the “fine medicines” that are said to be efficient in curing the HIV and AIDS. A big crowd usually gather in front of the stall of selling geckos to take a close look at a few valuable geckos.

This kind of geckos has a huge demand in the Chinese and Japanese markets. A gecko weighted 300 grams can be sold from RM35, 000 to over a million ringgit.

Meanwhile in Kuching, there were large lizards for sale. It is said that the lizards cost RM250 each has a miracle effect in healing AIDS and the HIV. However, its medical benefit has not yet been scientifically proven.

Source: Sin Chew

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