Royal Indian Wedding In Kuala Lumpur

Sometime in mid December last year a couple in the city that created an antique Indian royal wedding at the cost of one million ringgit.

The protagonists for this wedding were Australian groom, Richard Menji and the Indian bride, Kanmani Mayer Nathen. They had dressed up as an Indian Prince and Princess and hosted a uniquely opulent wedding at the Dewan Wawasan Convention & Exhibition Centre (DWC) in Cheras last December.

Custom-made dress by Bollywood designer

The wedding cost as much as RM1,000,000, and the total number of tables for the wedding dinner was 119. It was also the first time in Malaysia that an Indian royal wedding ceremony was carried out. The layout for the wedding venue cost about RM600,000 and the gown by renowned Bollywood designer Sidney Sladen cost about RM30,000.

In addition, the wedding ceremony, with its gorgeous costumes and grand song and dance performances attracted the attention of the guests. They also performed traditional practice, for the bride wore a yellow rope necklace. The significance of the necklace implied the same thing as the wearing of a ring, meaning that the woman has gotten married.

Source: SinChew

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Ishita said...

In Indian society wedding is most important throughout the life. In Indian tradition, the yellow rope necklace known as Mongol sutra signifies the woman is married. Mongol sutra signifies longevity of the groom.

Chooi said...

Why do they want to spend so much for a wedding ? Crazy.

Harris said...

Cool but why have in dewan, not in hotel ?

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