Fishing In Kundang

Kundang in Selangor was once a major tin mining area in the country. All the factories there moved out after tin was no longer available for mining, leaving only a few disused mining lakes.

This quaint little town has since recovered its peaceful days and has become a fishing paradise for countless of fishing enthusiasts.

There are three large ponds and over ten abandoned disused lakes that offer a challenging fishing game in Kundang. All these ponds and lakes have attracted a large crowd including outsiders during weekends and public holidays.

Pristine Blue Lake

Another selling point of Kundang is its Tasik Biru (Blue Lake) which has successfully drawn the attention of visitors as the most ideal spot for fishing. In addition, the lake is also a perfect place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Apart from that, many official events have been held along the shores of Tasik Biru such as speedboat races and other water sports organised by Selayang Municipal Council.

The Fire & Rescue Department also holds regular training and practices there.

Many old residents there could still remember some children almost got drowned while swimming in the lakes.

If you ask the male residents there, they would tell you all types of fishes found inside the lake.

Different rules and regulations

It is worth mentioning that the three private fishing ponds in Kundang all have their own rules and regulations. For example, some owners have set rules such as "release the fish into the pond after catching them," or "use pliers to remove the hook from the fish and inform the staff immediately if you encounter any problem."

During an interview with Sin Chew Daily, Huang Cheng Bao, owner of "Tauhu Fishing Pond," said he hoped to set up a fish pond with the largest freshwater fish in the state.

Apart from countless of natural and artificial fish ponds, there is also a golf court with 18 holes as well as a centre for stray dogs and cats in Kundang. Consequently, the little town has great potentials to be developed into a centre of eco-tourism.

History of Kundang

Pan Guan Yuan, resident of Kundang New Village, said there was a well-known "English Bridge" built by the British during the colonial days over 70 years ago in Kundang.

He felt children in the past were happier as they were able to catch the fish at the lakes and streams while not worrying about robbery and crime.

In the past, there were many Hakka people working in the mining industry. The precedent of SRJK (C) Kundang was Gen Yuan Primary School founded way back in 1934.

Hoping to upgrade old bridge

Liang Bao Hong, another resident of Kundang New Village, hoped the government could provide funds to upgrade the old bridge so that road safety could be improved.

Owner of Tofu Fish Pond, Huang Cheng Bao said they did not allow anglers to take away the fish caught in the lakes, as fishing was seen as purely a kind of sports there. However, he said visitors could still request the chef to cook the fish they had caught at a cost.

Source: Sin Chew

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