The New Proton Inspira

The Proton Inspira today makes its debut. The Proton Inspira is based on the Mitsubishi Lancer 4door sedan. This finally ended months of speculation of how the successor to the Waja model would look like.

The Inspira is available in 3 variants - a 1.8-litre with a five-speed manual transmission, 1.8-litre with a INVECS-III six-speed continuously variable transmission (CVT) and 2.0-litre with CVT.

Pricing starts at RM79,888 for the base variant while the 2.0-litre version will cost not more than RM95,000.

Source: The Star

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Jeremy T said...

Not bad. Nice car. Wonder if I should get one.

zewt said...

how have you been?

after so many years... proton still cant design its own car... what a disgrace...

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