Who Says Luck Is Not Important ?

The Star reported a few days ago that a technician in his 30s, from the Klang Valley, has won RM11.66 million in his 1st attempt at the Power Toto 6/55 lotto game.

Although he is a regularly punter of various Toto games, this was his 1st try on Power Toto 6/55.

He went with a friend to claim his winnings at the Sports Toto's head office in Kuala Lumpur.

He said that as he has always invested in shares and unit trust funds, he would now buy properties for himself and each of his family members.

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Anonymous said...

wanna get himself better luck? donate some money for charity. buying properties is for yourself and that won't work for better luck next round.

Rizal said...

you can also mandi bunga to improve your luck.

Anonymous said...

wow u so lucky le,if i can won same like u sure i will join u do biz .....hope god bless me , can win sport toto 6/58.

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