Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

This is a boring sequel to the 1987 milestone film Wall Street. In this new film, Gordon Gekko has been out of prison for seven years. When he is released from prison there was no one there to meet him. His estranged daughter, Winnie, has not been in communication with him for years. Out from prison Gordon Gekko lives a rather modest lifestyle in comparison to his heydays - he now lives in a rented apartment and commutes using public transportation. To support himself, he writes a book on what he knows best - the financial markets, in which he predicts the economic downturn in America. Unknown to many, Gordon Gekko has prior to entering prison, secretly set up a trust fund of US$100 million in Switzerland for his then underaged daughter, Winnie. He now needs this money to get back into the game of high level finance.

Meanwhile, young financial trader Jacob Moore, the boyfriend Winnie, befriends Gordon Gekko. Gordon Gekko then manipulates Jacob Moore to persuade Winnie to get the US$100 million transferred to him. Once the money is withdrawn from the trust fund and is in Gordon Gekko's hands, he disappears from the lives of Jacob Moore and his daughter, Winnie. Gordon Gekko then uses the money to set himself up in London as a hedge fund manager and is once again a player in the financial markets. Watch the movie to know what happens next...

To me, the best part of the film was where Bud Fox, now a successful financial wheeler dealer, bumps into Gordon Gekko at a party and recites the immortal phrase popularised in the first Wall Street film: "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel." [Only those who have seen the original Wall Street film would understand the meaning of this].

I give this film only 5 stars out of 10.

Money Never Sleeps had the potential of being another milestone film because of the recent global financial crisis but Oliver Stone has not taken advantage of this to the fullest. He has instead made a pseudo love story cum family drama. I wonder if Oliver Stone has outsourced the storyline of this film to someone in Mumbai, India - the story seems familiarly so "Tamil type movie".

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Mervin said...

"Blue Horseshoe loves Anacott Steel" hahaha classic. I remember that one !

Berry said...

This film is very disappointing. Not worth watching in the cinema.

TT said...

crap movie. waste of time. shit love story.

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