Female Casanova Cheats Men Thousands Of Ringgit

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In recent news reports a 'beautiful' 25 year old woman known as Michelle Lee Pai Yin conned 6 men thousands of ringgit since 2002.

The woman has allegedly conned 6 men to marrying her in the traditional Chinese ceremony by claiming she was pregnant, then later, ran off with money belonging not only to them, but also to their relatives and friends.

After befriending the men and persuading them to marry her, the woman would give her victims various excuses in postponing their marriage registrations, agreeing to only participate in the customary Chinese wedding ceremony.

In the latest incident, the woman befriended a 25 year old man on Facebook in March and asked him out the next day.

The victim, in a newspaper interview, said that after their first date, the con woman insisted in following him back to his home under the pretext of wanting to use the Internet. But once she was in his home, she went straight to his room and they had sex.

She subsequently moved in with him and she insisted on having regular sex with him in an attempt to get pregnant. A month later she told him that she was pregnant but refused to go for a pre-natal check-up.

In May, they went through a Chinese wedding ceremony in the victim’s hometown in East Malaysia.

The woman allegedly collected RM300,000 from family members of the "groom" before disappearing.

According to one of her "husbands", she was very cunning in creating the illusion that she was pregnant. She had bought pre-natal health supplements and wore large clothings to give the impression she was pregnant.

I cannot believe that there are men in Malaysia who are still so naive. I have seen women taking advantage of men all the time especially in clubs and restaurants. These men are born to be "sui yu" (literally meaning "water fish" a term in Cantonese referring to a sucker).

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Justin said...

Some man are very dumb and desperate. Very easy prey to cunning women.

Raymond K said...

I saw her on facebook. She actually not bad looking. Quite sexy.

ang said...

she is that pretty meh ? no woman is pretty enough to con this much. tai loh, if you want to skrew go to thailand or china la. 1000x prettier girls.

Thomas said...

i head she is so so only. but really sweet talker and good in bed.

Loo said...

Like this also can call pretty ah ? china girl better la.

WKJ said...

malaysian men sometimes are so dumb. how can they be so duped like this ?

Lye said...

what is this female casanova facebook account?

JK said...

she looks not bad what. i don't mind dating her. but for free la. if have to pay, no thanks.

Jerry T said...

nothing special to look at also la. just like those sungai wang girls.

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