Rempit Yoga Meditaition

Picture by Yvonne Low

This is what I call rempit yoga meditation. Just look how this "yogi" is able to sleep meditate while balancing himself on his kapchai by the side of the road. Maybe this trend will catch on, or has it already...

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Vito Coleone said...

This is a malaysian pass time.

Jamal said...

I was on my way home yesterday at around 10 p.m. when I saw a motorcyclist on their kapcai speeding straight towards me from the opposite direction. The rider was a guy with a female pillion rider. Another crazy rempit was behind him. All of them were not wearing helmets and the motorcycles they were riding on made such a blasting sound. They came towards me at breakneck speed and I thought they were going to crash into me. Real scumbags !

Anonymous said...

Bunch of losers!!!

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