Pontianak In Police Lock Up

Police Officers on night duty at the Betong district police headquarters have been seeing apparitions of a Pontianak (female vampire, in Malay folklore), reported a Malay tabloid.

The Pontianak,which appears as a woman with long hair in a white dress have been spotted several times at the vicinity this police station and its lock up, approximately 150km from Kuching.

Apparently the apparitions started when the police headquarters shifted to the current location sometime in April this year.

The Ustaz (Malay priest) brought in by the police to solve this matter, told them that the ghost was not in peace.

According to the Ustaz, when the woman was alive, she was raped and murdered there.

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Fatty Pau said...

Why dont the pontianak go haunt the man who rape and murdered her instead of innocent policemen?

storm said...

@Fatty Pau

maybe she is haunting the man who raped and murdered her ;)

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