The Botak Chin Story

Botak Chin
(real name, Wong Swee Chin), probably Malaysia's most notorious gangster in the 1970s, was born in Kuala Lumpur in 1951 to a family of 12 people. His father worked with the Malayan Railways and they lived at the Malaysian Railway quarters next to the Caltex station in Jalan Ipoh. Read Botak Chin's biography here: Botak Chin Malaysia's Robin Hood. You won't find this information on Wikipedia. The short biography tells about his childhood, his initiation into the gangs, his raise to notoriety and his capture by the authorities.

Despite popular belief, the word "Botak" in his name does not refer to him being botak (bald or otherwise). It is actually an acronym for Bantu Orang Tak Ada Kerja, according to Abu Bakar Juah, a former director of Taiping Prison.

Abu Bakar also told the Star that Botak Chin could be friendly and used to play checkers with him in prison.

“He was a genius in his own way. He was small-sized but if he set his mind to do something, nobody could have stopped him, he was always one step ahead of you” Abu Bakar added.

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Fariz said...

He is quite a tai kor in those days. Read this story - I guarded Botak Chin before he was hanged -

Botak chin had no hair on his chin ?

cy said...

He is a hero.

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