Seafood Noodles In Puchong

By Sam Cheong

One of my surprise finds while I was on the food trail has been a Chinese restaurant located in a corner lot in Pusat Bandar Puchong.

I must have driven past this makan place countless times when sending my dogs to a nearby veterinary clinic but never realised until much later that it serves up some great seafood noodles.

The place in question is Restoran WKS at Jalan Bandar 14 and it is not hard to find.

Just make your way to Tesco in Puchong and work your way to a row of shops on the right-hand side of the road.
Added kick: Sliced bird’s eye chili goes well with the noodles.
But, before I get down to the details on the food served there, let me warn you that seafood noodles — especially those that come with freshly sliced Loong Tan (estuary garoupa) meat — are not cheap.

A simple helping of garoupa fillet with fishballs can set you back about RM15 and the bar is raised when you order some choice morsels from the menu.

When I went throught the list, I noticed fish belly, fins and fillet offered as noodle dishes, soup or dry, steamed prime cuts and porridge.

The most expensive item was the steamed garoupa belly at RM60 a pop.

I decided not to venture too deep into my wallet and focused on the cheaper stuff on the menu.

So, that said, I ordered a bowl of mixed seafood noodles at RM12 while my wife had the garoupa fillet noodles at RM15.

The fried fish cake, at RM5 a piece, is highly recommended as a side dish.

On the whole, the noodle dishes served at this makan place are pretty decent but my only grouse was that the food handlers here speak only Mandarin.
Good stuff: The WKS restaurant at Jalan Bandar 14 in Pusat Bandar Puchong.
Since I am not a native speaker of the language, my order was taken with sign language and some broken bits of other Chinese dialects.

At the payment counter, I noticed that this food outlet has been given the celebrity endorsement by several foreign actors.

The most recognisable image on the wall is Hong Kong actor and comedian Eric Tsang Chee-Wai.

Well, that aside, if you are planning to makan at this place, be prepared to bring plenty of cash.

Source: The Star

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