Is This China Doll Your Wife ?

Picture from the Star

According to the Star, some China Dolls (the colloquial term for Chinese nationals working illegally in Malaysia) detained in a recent raid were apparently "married" to Malaysian men.

This was revealed when some of these men told the authorities that the detained China women were their wives to secure their release from detention.Upon investigation, these women possess long-term passes, which are issued only to those married to locals.

Recently, 3 men turned up at the Penang state Immigration Department headquarters to plead for the release of their "wives" who were among the 25 China Dolls arrested at a hotel in Anson Road on Wednesday.

To secure the release of their "wives", the "husbands" must produce their marriage certificates.

By devising this matrimonial loophole for the China Doll immigration business, the syndicates appears to be keeping a few steps ahead of the law and the authorities. I wonder how much a China Doll would have to pay for someone to "marry" her so she can work in Malaysia.

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