Freelance Batin Masseuse Earns RM4,000 Per Month

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According to news reports a 43 year old masseuse called Lia have given batin massages to over 1,000 men including local celebrities and VIPs.

Lia said she first started working at a massage parlour, introduced by a friend, in Pandan Jaya, Ampang 12 years ago earning RM2,000 per month.

Initially she only did traditional massage but was offered extra commission to perform the batin massage
where she earned an extra RM50 over the RM60 for the massage. Lia keeps RM20 of the RM50 and paid RM30 to the massage parlour management.

Lia, now “freelancing” at hotels and flats, earns about RM4,000 per month performing the batin massage for men.

Apparently her husband doesn't know about her real job as a batin masseuse and thought that she was a midwife giving massage to new mothers.

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