TM's New High Speed Broadband Service

Review: Telekom Malaysia's (TM) latest super high speed broadband (HSBB) 5Mbps, 10Mbps or 20Mbps connection to the Internet.

Telekom Malaysia's UniFi comes in 3 packages.

Residential packages
  • 5Mbps (RM149 per month), 10Mbps (RM199 per month) or 20Mbps (RM249 per month)
  • Subscribers must sign a contract for 2 years.
  • Each package comes with a Dect (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phone, a set-top box for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), Streamyxzone ID for wireless web access, and a 2GB e-mail box.
  • Monthly cap on downloads - the 5Mbps package has a 60GB cap, the 10Mbps package has a 90GB cap, and the 20Mbps package has a 120GB cap. *
Business packages will cost most more but there will be no download caps.

UniFi is currently available in Shah Alam, Subang Jaya, Taman Tun Dr Ismail and Bangsar.

The UniFi coverage areas planned for 2010 are:

Bangsar- Residential / Business- Q1 2010
Shah Alam - Residential / Business -Q1 2010
Subang- Residential / Business- Q1 2010
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail - Residential / Business- Q1 2010
Bayan Baru-Business-Q3 2010
Bukit Kemuning-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Bukit Tengah-Business-Q3 2010
Cyberjaya-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Damansara-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Duta-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Kepong -Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Keramat-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
KL International Airport-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Kulim HighTech park-Business-Q3 2010
Lapangan Terbang Subang -Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Melawati-Residential / Business -Q3 2010
Menara TM-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Midah-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Permas-Business-Q3 2010
Petaling Jaya-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Puchong-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Putrajaya-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Seberang Jaya-Business-Q3 2010
Senai-Business-Q3 2010 Skudai-Business-Q3 2010
Sungai Buloh-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Sungai Long-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Telok Panglima Garang –Business-Q3 2010
Wangsa Maju-Residential / Business-Q3 2010
Batu-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Bukit Bintang -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Cheras -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Jln Kebun-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Kelana Jaya -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
KL Central -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Klang-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Kuala Pauh -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Pekeliling-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Saga-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
San Peng -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Selayang-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Sentul -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Serdang -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Setapak -Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Sg. Renggam-Residential / Business-Q4 2010
Taman Petaling -Residential / Business-Q4 2010

More areas nationwide will be covered over the next 2 years.

*LATEST: TM suspends UniFi download cap. So, TM will not impose any download caps for now.

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nurfaiz shaidan said...

quite pricey, though ;(

Firus said...

Its expensive for limited download. other countries are cheaper.

Peter said...

i don't mind paying for faster connection but why the cap ?

Wong said...

I dont paln on getting it yet. Waiting for more feedback from users. And also maybe there will be other ISP providing other packages.

Diana said...

Its not in my area yet. shucks. I was looking forward to this. Now have to wait. :(

Andy said...

They have removed the cap temporarily. But they might charge later.

Calvyn said...

do you know how many TV channel they provide for the package?

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