Female Insurance Agents Recruited To Party And Have Sex With Potential Clients

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According to Guang Ming Daily, female insurance agents are recruited by some insurance agencies in Johor to party and have sex with potential clients. The female insurance agents were required to party with prospects at nightclubs and karaoke joints to secure sales.

The female agents were recruited among those desperate for money, including middle aged divorcees and single mothers.

Apparently, agents who failed achieve sales targets must parade themselves in lingerie or pay fines of between RM1,000 and RM3,000 to their company.

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Gerry said...

this is normal. even in KL got female insurance agent entertain prospects at pubs and clubs.

Kevin said...

one lady agent in Kl ask me if I want to go clubbing with her. She said she can blanja me drinks after I buy insurance from her.

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