UFO Sighted In Penang

Sin Chew reported last year that a “burning fireball” in the sky was seen at Balik Pulau, Penang.

Apparently residents of Kuala Sungai Pinang and Sungai Rusa started gathering around the oil palm estate following rumours of the UFO sighting. They kept on looking up at the night sky, waiting to catch a glimpse of the UFO.

A “fireball” was then seen moving up and down above a coconut tree. This sight got everyone shouting which caused a few young men to rush to the location on their motorcycles to witness for themselves.

Read the full story here.

The above video, however, was recorded recently in Batu Ferringhi by someone calling himself "Penang Chai". He captured the phenomena using his hand phone while he and his girlfriend witnessed the "dancing lights" in the sky that night. What do you think ?

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hong yee said...

2 years ago i was in batu ferringi also and my friends and i saw some lights in the sky. we thought it was an plane but it wasn't. one was zooming quite fast but the other 3 just were flying at the same pace

david said...

ive never seen a ufo before. fireworks yes. not ufo.

james said...

i've seen a ufo in kuantan beach few years ago. a few of us saw an oval object in the sky.

Fatty Pau said...

At least 6 years ago, i was on the 35th floor of an apartment in gurney. I was reading a book on the bed when i saw balls of light floating upwards to the sky in intervals. Not knowing what it was, i screamed "ALIEN AR ALIEN AR" only to freak out everyone. I only found later it was a new floating lantern from
Taiwan which was eventually banned.

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